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Prof Ramachary Dhevalapally B.

Professor Ramachary laboratory has made some seminal contrib... View Profile

Dr Samudranil Pal

Professor Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry.... View Profile

Prof Tushar Jana

Professor Polymer Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Ghanashyam Krishna Mamidipudi

Professor Areas of expertise include Thin films, semiconduct... View Profile

Prof Pradeepta Panda

Professor Chemistry of Porphyrinoids (as anion sensors, NIR ... View Profile

Prof Akhil Sahoo

Professor C-H Activation, Gold-Catalysis, Ynamides, Agrochem... View Profile

Dr D Basavaiah

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Samar Kumar Das

Professor Professor of Chemistry University of Hyderabad Ty... View Profile

Prof Susanta Mahapatra

Professor Physical Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Rajagopal Nagarajan

Professor Total synthesis of Natural products... View Profile

Prof K Muralidharan

Professor Inorganic chemistry / Nano materials / Polymers / ... View Profile

Prof Rajadurai Chandrasekar

Professor Material Science, Nanoscience and Technology, Orga... View Profile

Dr Musti Joginadha Swamy

Professor Biophysical Chemistry.... View Profile

Prof Anunay Samanta

Professor Physical Chemistry, Photochemistry, Fluorescence S... View Profile

Prof T P Radhakrishnan

Professor Materials Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Periasamy Mariappan

Professor Asymmetric Synthesis.... View Profile

Prof Ashwini Nangia

Professor Supra Molecular Chemistry, Crystal Engineering... View Profile

Prof K C Kumaraswamy

Professor Organophosphorus Chemistry, Main Group Chemistry.... View Profile

Prof Viswanathan Baskar

Professor Clusters: Main Group, Transition and Lanthanides.... View Profile

Dr M V Rajasekharan

Professor Inorganic Chemistry.... View Profile

Dr M Durga Prasad

Professor Theoretical Chemistry:Quantum chemistry, Quantum ... View Profile

Prof Abani K Bhuyan

Professor Protein Folding and Relaxation Dynamics, Applicati... View Profile

Prof Lalitha Guruprasad

Professor Computational Chemistry, Bioinformatics and Experi... View Profile

Dr sathiyendiran M

Associate Professor Our focus is to design and synthesis of soluble, s... View Profile

Dr Ramu Sridhar Perali

Associate Professor Total synthesis of natural products. (2) Carbohydr... View Profile

Dr Debashis Barik

Associate Professor Nonequlibrium Statistical Mechanics; Mathematical,... View Profile

Dr Rangarajan Balamurugan

Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry.... View Profile

Prof Murali Banavoth

Assistant Professor Advanced Functional Materials for Solar Energy Con... View Profile

Dr K V Jovan Jose

Assistant Professor My name is Dr. Jovan Jose, an assistant professor ... View Profile

Dr manju Sharma

Assistant Professor We are interested in elucidating role of molecula... View Profile

Prof Srinivasarao Yaragorla

Assistant Professor Synthesis of biologically important Natural Produc... View Profile