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Prof Arun Agarwal

Senior Professor Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recogni... View Profile

Dr Arun K. Pujari

Professor Data Mining, Logic and Reasoning... View Profile

Dr Bhagvati Chakravarthy

Professor Indian Language OCR,Colour Image Processing, Convo... View Profile

Dr Bapi Raju S.

Professor Brain Modelling,Cognitive Science,Bioinformatics... View Profile

Dr. Atul Negi

Professor Pattern Recognition and Applications, Indian Langu... View Profile

Prof Arun K Pujari

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, PattMachine ... View Profile

Dr Vadlamudi China Venkaiah

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Narayana Murthy Kavi

Professor Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics, Machi... View Profile

Prof Rajeev Wankar

Professor Dr. Rajeev Wankar is working as a Professor in the... View Profile

Dr Salman Abdul Moiz

Professor Software Engineering, E Learning, Mobile Database ... View Profile

Prof Girija Panati N

Professor Professor... View Profile

Prof Raghavendra Rao Chillarige

Professor Simulation & Modeling, Rough Sets and Knowledge ... View Profile

Prof Siba Udgata

Professor We work on Internet of Things, Sensor Network, Mob... View Profile

Dr Vineet C Padmanabhan Nair

Professor Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Multi-Agen... View Profile

Dr Durga Bhavani S.

Associate Professor Applications of Discrete Dynamical Systems... View Profile

Dr Alok Singh

Associate Professor Evolutionary Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence Techni... View Profile

Dr Nagender Suryadevara

Associate Professor Internet of Things,Wireless Sensor Networks,Real-T... View Profile

Dr Digambar Pawar

Associate Professor My research area includes Digital forensics, Cloud... View Profile

Dr Rukma Rekha Nalukurthy

Associate Professor Cryptography, Information Security, Blockchain Tec... View Profile

Dr K Swarupa Rani

Associate Professor Data Mining, Time-Variant Databases, Machine Learn... View Profile

Sobha Rani T.

Assistant Professor Language Processors... View Profile

Dr Anjeneya Swami Kare

Assistant Professor Graph Theory, Algorithms and Theoretical Computer ... View Profile

Dr Avatharam Ganivada

Assistant Professor Machine Learning and Soft Computing... View Profile

Dr Sai Prasad PSVS

Assistant Professor Works in the area of Rough Sets, Soft Computing an... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Prasad Lal

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Subba Rao Y V

Assistant Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Mr Wilson Naik Bhukya

Assistant Professor Network Forensics, Systems Security, Networking.... View Profile

Dr Anupama Potluri

Assistant Professor Networking, Systems Security, Operating Systems.... View Profile

Dr Naga Mani M

Assistant Professor Speech Processing, Information Retrieval, Intellig... View Profile

Dr Saifullah M.A

Assistant Professor Network Traffic Engineering, Network Management Sy... View Profile