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Dr Kamaiah Bandi

Professor Applied Econometrics... View Profile

Dr Murty K Narasimha

Professor Statistics, Applied Economics, Agriculture... View Profile

Prof Debashis Acharya

Professor Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Financial Mark... View Profile

Prof Vathsala Narasimhan

Professor Economic Theory, Mathematical Economics and Econom... View Profile

Dr Goddanti Omkarnath

Professor Development Economics, Economic Sociology, Socioec... View Profile

Prof K Laxmi Narayan

Professor Social Sciences.... View Profile

Prof Phanindra Goyari

Professor Econometrics, Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical E... View Profile

Prof ramana murthy Rupakula

Professor Political Economy of Development, Macroeconomics, ... View Profile

Prof Boppana Nagarjuna

Professor Full Professor in Economics, researcher and write... View Profile

Prof Naresh Kumar Sharma

Professor Economic Theory, Gandhian Economic Thought, Devel... View Profile

Prof Vijay Regulagadda

Professor New Institutional Economics, Development Economics... View Profile

Prof Raja Sethu Durai S

Professor Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics and Financial... View Profile

Dr J Manohar Rao

Professor Development Theory and Policy, WTO and Globalizat... View Profile

Dr Alok Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor Financial Economics, Derivatives and Risk Manageme... View Profile

Dr Sridevi Gummadi

Assistant Professor My research areas are - Food and nutritional secur... View Profile

Dr bicchal Motilala Anand

Assistant Professor Macro-monetary economics... View Profile

Dr Krishna Reddy Chittedi

Assistant Professor Macroeconomic Policy analysis and Financial Econo... View Profile

Mr Limakumba Walling

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Classical Political Economy and ec... View Profile

Dr Prajna Paramita Mishra

Assistant Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr K Ramachandrdara Rao

Assistant Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr B Nageswara Rao

Assistant Professor Tribal Development, Economic History, Agricultural... View Profile