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Dr Sharika Nandan Kaul

Professor Critical and Reentrant Phenomena,Percolation in Di... View Profile

Dr Narayana Rao Desai

Professor Spectroscopy... View Profile

Prof Rajender Singh

Professor Low temperature Physics, Cryogenics, Superconducti... View Profile

Dr Vipin Srivastava

Professor Condensed Matter Physics, Neural Networks, Brain F... View Profile

Dr M Sivakumar

Professor Higher Spin Fields... View Profile

Dr James Raju K C

Professor Functional Materials, Microwave Characterization T... View Profile

Prof Surajit Dhara

Professor Optical Control and Manipulation of Topological De... View Profile

Prof S Srinath

Professor Condensed matter physics, Magnetic nano structures... View Profile

Prof Rukmani Mohanta

Professor Flavour Physics and CP Violation, Neutrino Physics... View Profile

Prof Harikumar E

Professor Quantum Fields, QCD, Non-commutative field theorie... View Profile

Dr Seshu Bai Vummethala

Professor Materials science, Superconductors, Magnetism and ... View Profile

Prof Anand Pathak

Professor NanoScience and NanoTechnology, Ion Beams and EM r... View Profile

Prof Butchi Venkat Rao

Professor Multidisciplinary Physics... View Profile

Prof Suneel Singh

Professor Multidisciplinary Psychology... View Profile

Prof Bindu Anubah Bambah

Professor Particle Physics, Non Linear Dynamics... View Profile

Prof C S Sunandana

Professor Multidisciplinary Psychology... View Profile

Dr Ashok Chatterjee

Professor Condensed Matter Physics... View Profile

Dr P Ananthalakshmi

Professor Quantum Optics... View Profile

Dr P K Suresh

Professor Cosmology ... View Profile

Prof Nirmal Viswanathan

Professor Singular Optics, Optical Angular Momentum, Topolog... View Profile

Dr Sharath Ananthamurthy

Professor I work with optical tweezers and related optics fo... View Profile

Dr Vaitheeswaran G. S

Associate Professor Solid state theory, Material science Magnetism Sup... View Profile

Dr Manimaran P

Associate Professor Computational Physics, Time Series Analysis, Netwo... View Profile

Dr Ashok Vudayagiri

Associate Professor Laser cooling, optical tweezer, complex fluids... View Profile

Dr Sri Ram Gopal Naraharisetty

Assistant Professor Ultrafast femtosecond lasers, Multidimensional spe... View Profile

Dr Shyamal Biswas

Assistant Professor I work on Statistical Mechanics and General Physic... View Profile

Mr Abhiram Soori

Assistant Professor Multidisciplinary Physics... View Profile

Dr Venkataiah Gorige

Assistant Professor Magnetic Materials & Multiferroics; Ferromagnetic/... View Profile

Dr Ramachandrarao Yalla

Assistant Professor Expert in Experimental Quantum Optics & Nanophoton... View Profile

Dr Barilang Mawlong

Assistant Professor Flavour Physics phenomenology, CP violation, Physi... View Profile

Dr A Rajanikanth

Assistant Professor Condensed Matter Physics ... View Profile